In this section, which, as you can see has very little relation to player pianos, I am showing off my collection of early 1900's mantle clocks. As with player pianos though, the task of refinishing the fine and rare veneers, is pretty much the same. Art Deco mantle clocks look as great on a piano as they do on a mantlepiece; shelf; buffet and just about anywhere that has a level surface. In many cases these clocks stopped working years before, but only require the pendulum leader to be put back into beat to have a most beautiful and functional clock. While maybe not as accurate as a digital clock, I am sure you will agree that the following clocks have much greater character :

Mauthe Westminster Mantle Clock 1930's

Original Mauthe (German made) ArtDeco Mantle Clock. Fully refinished Birdseye Maple case and featuring Westminster Chimes. The case is french polished and the movement is serviced and accurate. Stained maple and hand rubbed french polish a feature. This clock required reseating in it's case , a full service and oiling and resequencing of the chime wheels.

Jauch Triple Chime Mantle Clock 1930's

These pictures of the Jauch triple chime 3 x train movement show the fine German engineering and design that makes a top notch clock. The most beautifully toned chimes produce a selection of; Westminster; Whittington and St. Michaels with a lever selector hidden in the uppermost dial under the bezel.I estimate manufacture to be late '30's. Full case restoration with hand rubbed french polishing a feature. Also required reseating of the movement within the case; cleaning; service; oiling  and re-sequencing of it's chime wheels.

German made 1937 vintage Westminster mantle clock 

Beautiful representative of the ArtDeco period. Built in 1937 and superbly engineered. Five bar chime, only four are used to produce the Westminster chimes, the longest bar is only struck during the hour chimes. Full case restoration with hand rubbed french polishing a feature.

Urgos Abbey Series German mantle Clock with Westminster Chimes

One of the most beautiful of the German mantle clocks is the Urgos Abbey series. Invariably styled wide in what I refer to as 'the atomic age style' magnificent chimes produced by the large case sets this clock apart from many '30's mantle clocks. High end quality and highest quality manufacturing. These ArtDeco representatives are becoming quite scarce and are very rarely found in this condition. Full case restoration with hand rubbed french polishing as a feature. 

German Mantle Clock '30 -40's Standard Hour chimer

This nice small mantle clock is a fine representative of the Art Deco period. Featuring nickel plated feet ornamentation and finished with hand rubbed french polish. These clocks do not have bars to strike the chime, these units have a large curled blued steel gong (see above) that will chime the hour and once on the half hour. Reliable 2 train clock. 

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