If you are considering performing your own player repair or restoration, secure a copy of:

P layer Piano

Servicing and Rebuilding

by Arthur Reblitz

Easy to follow instruction,  descriptions of many player systems, what tools to use, techniques,  material requirements, comprehensive text and illustrations

Available from Amazon.com and occasionally eBay

This website has no affiliation with Mr. Arthur Reblitz or his publisher. 

 'From the classics to ragtime, player piano music rolls to this day, continue to be readily available new or second hand, from many sources, in every country of the world. Such was, and is, the popularity of the medium'

Once restored, your player piano is an asset unlikely to ever be replaced, (they stopped making them, awhile back). So no matter whom you may insult, be careful with who you allow to operate it . As much as I am in favour of young people being exposed to these instruments, little kids just don't understand the age and fragility and should always be supervised by an adult.

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